Tsavo National Park, Safaris, Lodges and tented Camps in Tsavo East and West
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    Epiya Chapeyu camp Tsavo Park & Bigi Safari Camp Tsavo Kenya

    Epiya Chapeyu camp also known as the Bigi Camp is set amongst doum palms and acacia trees on the banks of the Galana River at the foot of the Yatta plateau in one of the most spectacular sites in the heart of the Tsavo East National Park. Epiya Chapeyu Bigi Camp offers visitors an unforgettable opportunity to see and photograph African fauna and flora in Eden. If you’re looking for an exceptional Safari to Tsavo experience you have come to the right place! Epiya Chapeyu tented camp is located along the banks of the Galana River, where fauna and flora abound! During the dry season elephants and buffalo graze all around the safari camp in a pure, untouched environment. Our motto is to make sure our natural surroundings remain as they have been for centuries and thus Epiya Chapeyu safari camp is in synchronize with the surroundings. Our 18 spacious and luxury tents are spread across a large riverside area, offering each guest tent accommodation with optimum privacy, the tents are all fixed on local flagstone bases, with typical ”makuti” roofs, modern en suite bathroom, double sinks, hot water, shower, flush toilet and all necessary amenities such as candles, matches, torches insect repellent & or mosquito coils. Each tent also has its own veranda with view of the Galana River where a wide variety of wildlife comes to drink. The furnishing is completed with 2 comfortable beds*, wardrobe, safari chairs and a coffee table. Housed away from the main accommodation are two generators supplying constant electricity until 11, 30 p.m. Daily electricity resumes at 06.00 am. It is our mission to be as eco-friendly as possible in order to protect the wonderful and unique environment that surrounds us. * Triple and


    four-bed tents are also available on request. Bigi Camp Tsavo was built more than 10 years ago by Walter Bigi, an experienced safari guide with more than 40 years in the bush, he and his son Oscar Bigi, are actively involved in the day to day running of this tented camp, the location of the safari camp has been selected as one of the most spectacular sites in the Tsavo East National Park and has been featured by the BBC. The accommodation at Bigi safari Camp Tsavo include 16 tents and 2 family tents all en suite plus there is one brick built bungalow used for clients on honeymoon trips in Tsavo and special occasions. Twin rooms can accommodate extra beds if necessary. The public areas are set on the banks of the Galana River, the scenery is stunning, as you would expect, Tsavo Bigi safari Camp standards of cleanliness are top class. Meals are a la carte and the food is quite exceptional. Dinner boasts of five courses, each brought to diners to then serve from platters. The experience is one of first class service without being intrusive. The grounds are kept very tidy considering the visiting vervet monkeys, genet cats and, in the afternoons, a male elephants which are quite a spectacular sight. Game drives safaris are by there own safari vehicles, Champagne and cakes for those special occasions can be arranged with prior notice and large family groups can be accommodated. The Epiya Chapeyu Camp Tsavo runs on generators and so the staff have an extension lead set up in the dining area for recharging electrical equipment. There is security on patrol as the camp is not fenced. The whole camp is run by knowledgeable staff which includes two chefs and one sous chef. The staff here are incredibly hard working, always on hand for anything guests need, including a very welcome hot drink brought to your tent to awaken you gently into the beautiful morning for a game drive. The food is some of the finest cuisine to be found while on safari to Tsavo. Epiya Chapeyu Camp Tsavo Kenya is absolutely perfect for peace, tranquility and nature. The staff are polite and friendly and very accommodating. The tents are spacious with superb en suite facilities plus the dining is second to none and the staff are some of the best ever witnessed on safari, Bigi Camp Kenia is easily accessible from Malindi, Mombasa and Nairobi! We promise you the best African Experience ever with memories you will certainly cherish for a life-time!


    Epiya Chapeyu Bigi Camp Accommodation


    Epiya Chapeyu Camp Bigi Camp offers safari accommodation in 18 grass thatched luxury tents each with its own veranda with view of the Galana River where a wide variety of animals come to drink, Each tent at the Bigi/Epiya Chapeyu camp has modern en suite bathroom, double sinks, hot water, shower, flush toilet and all necessary amenities such as candles, matches, torches insect repellent/& or mosquito coils. Lugard's fall, Aruba Dam, Crocodile Point and other attractions are within a short distance from the camp. The 18 spacious tents are spread across a large riverside area, offering each guest accommodation with optimum privacy. The tents are all fixed on local flagstone bases, with typical”makuti” straw roofs, modern en suite bathroom. Epiya Chapeyu Camp Bigi Camp is situated at approximately four hours drive (with a four-wheel-drive vehicle) from Nairobi (via Manyani Gate) and from Malindi /Watamu (via Sala Gate). If driving from Mombasa, the Buchuma Gate on the road to Voi is the nearest Park entrance.


    Bigi Camp Epiya Chapeyu Camp Tsavo Meals


    Bigi Camp Epiya Chapeyu Camp catering facilities hold yet another surprise; we offer veritable Italian cuisine, some of the best you can taste in the whole of Kenya! Before dinner, enjoy an aperitif by the river bank and taste one of our camps specialties of “mini Pizzas”, which are cooked on wood embers in our own clay oven…”bush style”! Our recently renovated wooden terrace overlooking the river, offers not only a magnificent view, but a candlelight dinner in the evening under the stunning canopy of stars is an unforgettable experience worthy of a scene from “Out Of Africa”! Italian ownership is possible to feel everywhere - delicious and tasty food, elegant furnishing and friendly approach, nothing feels better than going on a Tsavo safari and being right in the thick of it, with the camp right by the river you will see elephants and other animals whilst we were having lunch or relaxing in the evening.


    Tsavo National Park


    Tsavo is the largest game park in Kenya, and its beautiful landscape and proximity to the Mombasa coast make it a popular safari destination to combine a beach holiday and Kenya safari. It offers tremendous views with diverse habitats ranging from mountains, river forest, plains, lakes and wooded grassland. Because of its open spaces, the animals are fairly easy to spot and elephants, covered in bright red dust, are often seen wandering along every horizon. Its vastness creates a special atmosphere and on these endless plains trampled by thousands of animals it is not difficult to imagine that this is once how all of East Africa looked liked. There are no scheduled flights to either Tsavo East or West, although Mombasa Air Safaris will touch down on request and there are several airstrips suitable for chartered light aircraft. Both Tsavo East and West are fairly easily navigated with a good map as all tracks are clearly defined, and junctions are numbered. Bring all your own provisions into the park including petrol and water. You should be able to eat or drink at any of the lodges if you so desire. There is a shop at Voi Gate in the east selling (warm) beers, sodas, bread and some vegetables, and another shop in Tsavo West selling basic provisions. This is the largest national park in Kenya at around 21,000 sq km. It lies in the southern part of the country, halfway between Mombasa and Nairobi and is bisected by the Mombasa-Nairobi railway and road link. For administrative purposes it has been split into two sections; Tsavo East (11,747 sq km) lying to the east of the Nairobi-Mombasa road/railway is the part of the park made famous by the 'Man-Eaters of Tsavo and Tsavo West (9065 sq km). The Waliangulu and Kamba tribes used to hunt in this area before it was gazetted. The remoteness of much of the park means it has had serious problems with poaching in the past. As a consequence, much of the northern area (about two thirds of Tsavo East) used to be off-limits to the public in an attempt to halt poaching here, which had decimated the rhino population from 8000 in 1970 to around 100 in 1990. Recent anti-poaching laws have been particularly successful in Tsavo; the number of rhinos and elephants are increasing and the northern area of Tsavo East is once again open to the public. In 2007, the Kenya Wildlife Service did a census of the elephant population in Tsavo and the number was 11,696. The first European to visit this part of Kenya was Doctor Krapf, who journeyed on foot and crossed the Tsavo River in 1849 on his way to Kitui. Captain Lugards, the explorer, also passed through this area - the rapids on the Galana River are named after him.


    Tsavo West National Park


    Tsavo West National Park is one of the largest and busiest parks in Kenya covering 9065 square kilometers. It is located on the south eastern section of the country. Tsavo West is about two hundred and fifty kilometers from Mombasa City and two hundred and forty kilometers from Nairobi City. A safari from either of the cities ends at Mtito Andei Gate. The park’s vegetation can be described as open grassland comprised of scrubs, acacia trees, rocky ridges and other plants. The ecosystem attracts many types of animals and birds. Tsavo West is the more developed part of the park combining easy access, good facilities and stunning views over the tall grass and woodland scenery. The area is made up from recent volcano lava flows, which absorb rainwater that reappears as the crystal-clear Mzima Springs 40 km away, and supports a vast quantity and diversity of plant and animal life. There are several entrance gates into Tsavo West. Two are on the Nairobi-Mombasa road: Tsavo Gate, 320 km from Nairobi and 5 km north of Voi, and Mtito Andei Gate, 30 km north of Tsavo Gate, 240 km south of Nairobi and 249 km north of Mombasa. Buses from Nairobi to Mombasa pass near both, and hitching to these gates is fairly easy, but since walking inside the park is not allowed, visitors without vehicles may have a very long wait. Chyulu Gate in the northwest corner of the park is used by vehicles coming into Tsavo West from Amboseli National Park. 4WD and high-clearance vehicles are required for this route, especially in wet weather. Other entries are at Ziwani Gate, Jipe Gate and Kasigau Gate all to the south of the park. Buses also run between Voi and Taveta on the Tanzanian border (and then on to Moshi) through the south of the park via Maktau and Mbuyuni gates. The main attractions at Tsavo West are the watering holes by Kilaguni and Ngulia lodges that entice a huge array of wildlife particularly in the dry season. During the autumn the areas around Ngulia Lodge are a stopover for hundreds of thousands of birds from Europe in their annual migration. Not far from the Kilaguni Lodge is the Mzima Springs a favourite haunt of hippos and crocodiles. There is an underwater viewing chamber, but the hippos have obviously decided against being watched by moving to the other side of the pool. Also around the lodges are the spectacular Shaitani lava flow and cones, as well as caves that are well worth visiting. You will need to bring a good torch. Chaimu Crater to the south of


    Kilaguni Lodge can be climbed and although there is little danger of animals here, it is best to be careful. At the extreme southwest of the park, bordering Tanzania, is the beautiful Lake Jipe. Here are found pygmy geese and the black heron along with many other species of bird. Wildlife you are likely to spot include hyrax, agama lizards, dwarf mongooses, marabou storks, baboons, antelope, buffalo, zebra, giraffe, jackals and hyenas, crocodiles, hippos, leopards, lions and cheetahs. If you're very lucky you might see wild dogs. There are some black rhino although most have been moved to the


    Ngulia Rhino Sanctuary, which is close to the Mzima Springs and is a fenced area of 62 sq km containing about 60 rhinos.


    Tsavo East National Park


    Tsavo East is the much less-visited side of the park where you will be able to see the wildlife without the usual hordes of other tourists. It mainly consists of vast plains of scrubland home to huge herds of elephants. The landscape is vast, and empty of any sign of humans, dotted with baobab trees. The park HQ is at Voi Gate (where you can obtain and reload Smartcards) just north of Voi on the Nairobi-Mombasa road, where there is a small educational centre. Other gates off the main road are Manyani Gate, 25 km north of Voi, and Buchuma Gate at the extreme southeast corner of Tsavo East. It is also possible to enter the park on the C103 road from Malindi via Sala Gate on the eastern boundary of the park. This route, which runs alongside the Galana River between Manyani Gate and Sala Gate, may be impassable during the rains. Wildlife includes all of the Big Five, plus zebra, giraffe, impala, gazelle, eland and cheetah, and there are over 500 bird species. The Kanderi Swamp not far from Voi Gate, has the most wildlife in the area. The main attraction is the Aruba Dam built across the Voi River where many animals and birds congregate. Mudanda Rock about 30 km north of Voi, is a 1.6-km long outcrop of rock that towers above a natural dam and at times during the dry season draws hundreds of elephants. The Yatta Plateau at about 290 km long is the world's largest lava flow. The


    Lugards Falls on the Galana River, 40 km northeast of Voi are pretty spectacular. They are a series of rapids rather than true falls. The rocks have been sculpted into fascinating shapes by the rapid water flow channeled into a gorge so narrow that it is possible to stand with legs spanning the cleft, overlooking the falls.


    How to get there The most recommended way is to use a kenia safari company. It will give you tour guides/drivers to pick you up right at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport in Nairobi or Moi International Airport in Mombasa. A kenia tour company can book a flight for you to enter Tsavo West via these gates: Lake Jipe, Maktau, Mtito Andei, Ziwani, Chyulu, and Tsavo near Manyani. The plane can land at various airstrips including Kasigau, Tsavo Gate, Kamboyo, Finch Hottons and Ziwani among others. Depending on where you are based, you tour agent can drive you via Nairobi/Mombasa road or Taveta/Voi road. The park entry is only through a Safari Card which you can load at Mtito Andei Gate.


    Things to see and do The main Physical attractions include Shetani Lava Flows and Caves, Mzima Springs and hippo and fish Pools. The rest are many different African animals such as the Big Five (elephant, buffalo, rhino, leopard and lion). Other animals include zebras, giraffes, crocodiles, dik-diks, mongooses, night porcupines and lesser kudus. The park allows you to watch about six hundred different species of birds.


    Accommodation Facilities There are camps and lodges inside the park such as the Finch Hantton’s Tented Camp, Ngulia Safari Lodge and Kilaguni Lodge among others. You can as well live in a self-catering guest house such as Kamboyo and Lake Jipe Bandas. Lovers of camping can find three campsites for the public and numerous special campsites that need to be booked in advance.


    Chyulu Hills National Park


    This was established in 1983 as an extension to Tsavo West. Previously a game conservation area, the park is virtually untouched by humans. The long mountain range is home to lion, giraffe, zebra and oryx. Described as being the youngest mountain range in the world, it is made up of intermingled volcanic cones and lava flows that are considered only to be around 500 years old. Many of the cones are covered with grass and there are extensive forests. There is no permanent water supply in this mountain range except for a small spring at Ngungani. Kilimanjaro is clearly visible from the crest of the Chyulu Hills.


    Taita Hills Game Sanctuary


    In the south Tsavo West more or less surrounds the privately run Taita Hills Game Sanctuary which is actually south of the Taita Hills about 15 km west of Mwatate. There is a wide variety of game present here including lion, cheetah, elephant and plains game. Prolific bird life includes the extremely rare Taita Falcon, a bird recorded in early Egyptian hieroglyphics. Mount Vuria at 2205 m is the highest point in the Taitas, and from the summit there are excellent views of the plains of Tsavo below. The Taita are in fact three groups of hills, the Dabida Sagalla and Kasigau. The Chyulu Hills can be seen if it is not misty. Road access to Taita Hills is on the road from Voi to Taveta. You'll need your own transport, or to be part of a safari, to reach this region.


    Bigi Camp Epiya Chapeyu Camp Bookings


    Experience the extraordinary thrill and excitement of a stay at a luxury tented camp throughout Tsavo National Park. Amidst Africa's natural savannah with its untamed wildlife, accommodation in tented camps, which are equipped with five star facilities and amenities, provide for an unforgettable bush getaway. You will find a wide variety of tented camps in Tsavo National Park ranging from rustic, self catering tented accommodation to the most luxurious tents. The real Africa with its scenic beauty, dramatic landscapes, thunderstorms, rolling savannah, unique bushveld, untamed wildlife, massive beasts and its fascinating cultural history can best be explored by staying in one of Africa's game lodges which provide the traveller with tented accommodation. The selected tented safari camps define an 'Out of African' styled tented accommodation with all five star amenities on offer. The Tsavo lodges and tented camps offer a true safari experience where guests go to bed to the sounds of lion calling, safely and comfortably accommodated in modern tented suites and pampered with the warm hearted service that embodies the soul of Africa. If you are looking for a true safari experience we have a selection of many safari camps at low prices.


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