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    Kitani Bandas & Kitani Safari Lodge Tsavo West National Park

    The Kitani Lodge is located at Tsavo West National Park, the largest game reserve in East Africa, approximately 250 kilometers from Mombasa and Nairobi. The coordinates are the following: Latitude (2° 59’ 54, 54’’) and longitude (37° 59’ 07, 51’’). From Mtito Andei, it is a 50 km drive to the camp, about 1 ½ hours. In Mtito Andei there are some shopping facilities, the guests may also buy needful things in Mombasa, Nairobi or Voi. There is a private parking space for every Banda. The Kitani safari Lodge offers 8 Bandas. The little houses are equipped with kitchenette which offers a table and chairs, plates, pots, cutlery, glasses and cups (4 per Banda) a little herd with gas and a washing basin. The own bathroom is equipped with towels, running cold and warm water, toilet and shower. There are up to three beds per Banda with bed linen and mosquito nets. A baby bed can be provided on prior request. From the covered patio guests have a direct view on their private campfire from where they can watch the animals passing by- an authentic Africa experience amidst the Kenyan wilderness and the perfect location to discover Kenya. A real adventure! A central fridge may be used by Kitani safari Bandas guests. There is Wireless-LAN access in the whole camp area which is free of charge for our Bandas guests. The Kitani Lodge is located in close distance – about 1, 5 km away from Severin Safari Camp. Kitani bandas Tsavo is probably the first solid structures in Tsavo West as it was originally built in 1954. It is now affiliated to the nearby Severin Safari Camp where you can have meals if you are not keen on self cattering Here you find the reception, the Out of Africa Restaurant, the Thorn Tree Bar and the KENBALI SPA. For a surcharge, the guests of our Kitani Lodge may have breakfast or delicious à la carte menus for lunch and dinner in our Out of Africa Restaurant. The Bandas are uniquely positioned in an area rich in game. Other points of interest like the huge lave fields, the roaring rocks, Mzima Springs, the Rhino Sanctuary and Mt Kilimanjaro; make a visit to this area a must. All the eight self catering Bandas have running water, en suite bathrooms with showers/WC. Each banda is furnished with 2 beds with mosquito nets. Linen and towels are provided. A maximum of 2 extra beds can be provided per banda. Fresh water and power by generator. Please reserve a table at the reception in advance. The Thorn Tree Bar offers refreshments of your choice; early morning coffee or tea and refreshing cocktails in the evening. Drinks can be bought at the camp and taken to the Bandas. Experience the unique freedom of senses at our KENBALI SPA: Inspired by the African wilderness and ancient South East Asian techniques for relaxation, our Wellness area is an oasis of calm and relaxation. After your day in the bush, enjoy the fantastic backdrop of the wilderness from the pool or relax with a pleasant massage in an absolutely private atmosphere. For the guests of Kitani Lodge, the entrance to our KENBALI wellness area is free of charge. Massages can be booked for a surcharge at the reception at every time. The Kitani Lodge Tsavo is an ideal starting point for guided game drives and memorable excursions in the surrounding areas. Tsavo National Park is the largest game reserve in East Africa and the third largest worldwide. Discover the beauty of the nature and the unique fauna, which cannot be found anywhere else in Africa. Discover the secrets of the African wilderness on foot with our Masai guide and learn about the flora, fauna, insects, reptiles and birds inhabiting the Tsavo West area. We also invite you for a 4 h game walk with a KWS ranger. Learn about their work and how to track and follow the footprints of smaller and larger wild animals. A very unique experience is the Sundowner at Poacher’s Lookout. You enjoy the beautiful sunset while having a glass of sparkling wine and canapés with the music of “Out of Africa” in the background. Playing cards, board games and a small library are available for your use. A safari shop is located in the reception area. Severin Safari Camp and Kitani Lodge meet ecological tourism standards in order to ensure that the park‘s sensitive ecosystem is preserved. This allows humans and animals to coexist in harmony. The properties have been carefully constructed to minimize the impact on the fragile Tsavo West ecosystem; we utilize solar technology whenever possible, have implemented strict waste management system and have a biological waste water treatment plant. Waste water from tents and the kitchen is collected and filtered through lava stones, gravel and sand. Getting there by private or hired road transport, private charter or plane to Kilaguni airstrip – a good stopover to or from the coast. National Park fees are payable and entry is by ‘smartcard’. Activities Game drives, bird watching, relaxation. Optional Extras Accommodation for drivers and ayahs available on request. Dining at Severin Safari camp nearby.


    Tsavo East and West National Parks


    Tsavo National Park is divided into East and West National Parks. Only a small area of this vast nature reserve (larger by far than Tsavo West National Park) is open to the public although new areas for human intrusion are been added. The remaining part provides a remote animal wilderness. Within Tsavo East, one of the largest lava flows in the world, the Yatta Plateau, is to be found. Tsavo West National Park, along with Tsavo East National Park, are two of Africa's largest. Drought and poachers caused enormous devastation to the Parks' population of rhinos and elephants but both species are now recovering. An arial count of elephants in this Tsavo revealed that their population stood at 7000 as at 1991, thus being the largest population in any Kenyan park. Today, poaching has all but ended. With the park's great diversity of plants and animals coupled with its well maintained all weather roads, it has become a model national park. The superb signposting leads visitors from one natural wonder to the other. One of these marvels is Mzima Springs which is replenished with over 220 million litres of crystal-clear water everyday from the underground streams originating from the Chyulu Hills, 40-50kms away. Mzima acts as an attraction to many animals and especially elephants that love spending their time here soak half emersed in the water. Each year from late September to November, Ngulia has become the base of unique phenomena. Attracted by the lights of Ngulia Lodge, thousand of migrant birds descend through the mist, which is prevalent at this time of year, only to be netted, ringed and then released. A phenomenon has become one of the bird wonders of the world. Reports about ringed birds have been received from as far off places as Oman, Malawi, Iran and Germany. Besides the gigantic elephants, other animals such as lions, some undoubtedly direct descendants of the maneaters of Tsavo, can be seen roaming around in this national park. Among the not so common animals to be found here are fringed-eared oryx, the gerenuk and the lesser kudu. The carnivores found here include serval, hyena, leopard, cheetah and caracal. The landscape is filled with giant baobab tree and which are reputed to live a thousand years. Kilaguni, which was the first lodge to be opened in any park in Kenya, stands at the centre of Tsavo West and was opened by the Duke of Gloucester in 1962. The lodge and its waterhole have an almost permanent population of animals. This feast of flora and fauna combines to make Tsavo of special interest.


    Accessibility to Tsavo East and West National Parks


    To access Tsavo West National Park, there are two main gates to Tsavo are Mtito Gate and Tsavo Gate about 230 and 280kms south east of Nairobi on the main A109 Nairobi - Mombasa road. Chyulu Gate in the North West corner of the park is used by vehicles coming into Tsavo West from Amboseli National Park. 4WD and high clearance vehicles are required for this route and Tsavo East and West National Parks especially in wet weather. Other entries are at Ziwani Gate, Jipe Gate and Kasigau Gate. Buses from Nairobi to Mombasa pass near Mtito Andei Gate and Tsavo River Gate. Hitching to these gates is fairly easy,but since walking inside the park is not allowed, visitors without vehicles may have a very long wait here. Buses also run between Voi and and Taveta on the Tanzania border or even to Moshi in Tanzania through the park via Maktau and Mbuyuni Gates. The main entrance gate into Tsavo East National Park is Voi Gate, about 320 kms south-east of Nairobi, about 5 kms north of Voi town on the A109 Nairobi - Mombasa road. Other gateeds on the main Nairobi - Mombasa road are at Manyani gate, 25kms north of Voi, and at Buchuma gate, 45 kms to the south-east. It is also possible to enter the park on the road from malindi via Sala Gate on the eastern boundary of the park. This route and that alongside river Galana between Manyani gate and Sala Gate may be impassable during the rains. Its is better to use the less direct route via Aruba dam. Buses ran between Nairobi and Mombasa via Voi. Hitching along this road is fine though people travelling without cars may find access a little difficult at any one of the gates.


    Lodging & Camping in Tsavo East and West National Parks


    Lodging in Tsavo East National Reserve includes the Voi Lodge with 100 beds and the Tsavo Safari Camp with 68 beds. Lodges and accommodation outside the Reserve include: the Crocodile Tented Camp, near the Sala Gate, with 26 beds; Ziwani Tented Camp with 32 beds; and the Tsavo Inn with 92 beds. There are many campsite options in this reserve. Voi Gate Public Campsites which are about 0.5 kms inside the park gate are superb, but unfortunately some are somewhat rundown. Mukwaju Special Campsite is ideal for adventurers. It is 15 kms to the east of Aruba and has no facilities. Due to its isolated nature, it is best for reclusive campers. Other camping sites are Kimunyu campsite, Ndolo Campsite and Sala Gate camping site. Some other sites like Masalini and Crocodile Tented Campsites are not open to the public. There are three lodges within the boundaries of Tsavo West National Reserve. Lake Jipe Lodge has 74 beds, Ngulia Safari Lodge has 100 beds and Kilaguni Lodge has 106 beds. Located just outside of the Reserve are Finch Hattons with 70 beds, the Ziwani Tented Camp with 32 beds, and the Tsavo Inn with 92 beds. Kitani Safari Camp, which is a special camp, is best suited to experienced campers who must be completely self sufficient. This area can be full of game. As for Jipe Public Campsite located on the lower eastern shore of Lake Jipe, excellent views of the Pare Mountains and Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania can be obtained at the lakeside site. Other camping sites are Kasigau Gate, Tsavo Gate and Kangechwa. We operate a wide range of carefully designed Tsavo tours and safaris to Tsavo East and West National Parks by providing transport and booking hotels for you. Our safari consultants will always be at your assistance should you need a tailor-made holiday to this unique destination.


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