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    Severin Safari Camp, Tsavo, Kenya, Africa & Severin Tented Camp, Kitani Safari Lodge

    Severin Camp is a luxury safari camp located in Tsavo West National Park, the biggest game reserve in East Africa, about 250 km from Mombasa and Nairobi. With view to Mt. Kilimanjaro, Severin Safari Camp offers a unique landscape with vast savannahs, wooded flood plains and the famous ""red"" elephants. Of the limited number in options of accommodation in Tsavo West, the Severin Tented Camp is one of just three tented camps and unusual in being built on a flat plain that usually teems with wildlife. German owned and run with enthusiastic devotion by a German couple, Severin bush Camp is very centrally located for Mzima Springs, the Tsavo River spectacular volcanic landscapes. Severin Safari Camp, previously known as Kitani Safari Lodge has an Eco-Tourism Kenya Silver Award and impression is that it’s run on strong eco-tourism principles. At Severin Luxury Camp comfort and friendly service await you amidst the African safari wilderness. The Severin Camp comprises 27 luxurious Tents, Junior Suites, and Kitani Bandas, which are situated within 25 acres of bush land, the tents and Suites, are arranged in an S-shape, and are connected with footpaths The Baraza conference tent as well as the Kenbali Spa are located within walking distance of the


    Severin Camp tsavo accommodation. The 430 square meter wellness area offers the first infinity Ying-Yang swimming pool in Kenya and bathroom suites at the spa reception connect to an open-air, double treatment room. Trained therapists are on hand to advise you on what to choose from the spa menu. The reception and restaurant at Severin Camp Tsavo are located under a big makuti roof and is a great place to wind down after a long tsavo safari day. Our restaurant and bar offer a wonderful view of the wandering animals, as well as a unique à la carte menu with a choice of Africa's finest wines, Next to the bar there is also a campfire where you can relax in the evening while enjoying a drink. In addition, a little safari boutique is located in the entrance area, where Severin safari Camp Tsavo offer a choice of products for guests' daily needs, including various tsavo safari equipment as well as lovely souvenirs as a memory of your stay in while on Kenya safaris. The Severin tented Camp Tsavo is not fenced and is therefore perfectly integrated into nature, from your tent you enjoy a wonderful view towards the landscape and the wild animals wandering around the waterhole. Massai warriors assure your safety around the clock, and also stand representatively for the balance of man and nature at Severin Camp Kenya. Besides lions, buffalo, leopard and countless bird species, the biggest elephant population of Kenya lives in Tsavo. It only takes 10 km to visit Mzima Springs, a lake with crocodiles and hippos, and from the Poacher's Lookout nearby, Severin Camp Kenya guests can enjoy an awesome view to the endless vastness of the Tsavo National Park. Pure Kenya safari romance results from our campfire at night next to the waterhole. At Severin Safari Camp the principals of ecological tourism, thus, were protecting the natural resources which is one of the main goals.


    Severin Camp Tsavo Kenya has therefore developed a programme both at Severin Sea Lodge and Severin Safari Camp which is environmental friendly. Severin Safari Camp offers a unique combination of adventure, wellness and relaxation for the sophisticated traveler who loves romantic pampering and unique wildlife experiences. Tsavo West and East National Park is recognized as the thirdlargest national park in the world and rich with great herd’s of elephants, giraffes, zebras and impalas passing through the area insearch for patches of grass. With over 22.000 square kilometers there is a lot to discover during the game drives. We recommend guests to visit the Mzima Springs, Roaring Rocks, Rhino Sanctuary, Poacher’s Lookout, Taita and Chyulu Hills, Chaimu Crater and the various lava caves as the Laviathan. The Khama Rhino Sanctuary Trust is a community based wildlife project, established in 1992 to assist in saving the vanishing rhino and to restore an area formerly teeming with wildlife to its previous natural state, The coordinates of Severin Tsavo Camp are as follows: latitude (2° 59' 54, 54'') and longitude (37° 59' 07, 51''). The camp can be reached by car or plane without difficulty. The park entrance Mtito Andei lies about 40 km away from the Kitani region. The next airstrip lies in short distance (about 25 minutes by car) - the ideal starting point for a flying safari. The flight from Mombasa or Nairobi to Tsavo West National Park takes about an hour. In Tsavo, Severin Camp Africa work closely with the Kenya Wildlife Service, as it is important for us to also educate our guests and partners in the necessity of saving the environment and nature. Severin Camp is the first camp to possess a waste water treatment plant. Waste water from tents and the kitchen is collected and filtered in a natural way with lava stones, gravel and sand. It is then used for watering the 25 hectare lawn within the travel camp. Fresh water is brought to Severin Safari Camp by using their own pipeline which comes directly from Mzima Springs whose water also serves the Kenyan coast with drinking water. Hot water for showering is gained day and night exclusively by solar energy and heat recovery of the power generators. Therefore, for heating the water, we don't need any diesel or electricity. Lamps with low energy bulbs light the camp and at the ""Out of Africa"" A special bin has been placed into every tent to allow waste separation of organic and inorganic waste. Keeping away monkeys is a special environmental task in Africa. At Severin Safari Camp organic waste is dried in so-called ""monkey cages"" which can't be entered by the animals and then burned in lava ovens and composted. All glass bottles as well as plastic waste are brought outside the national park and recycled.


    Severin Camp Accommodation


    Severin Safari Camp offers 27 luxuriously equipped accommodations and 8 Bandas which are self-catering, all located within 25 hectares of bush land. The coffee and tea making facilities, basic beverages of the mini bar as well as butler service is included. Within the generous octagonal tents and suites which assure the true African feeling due to their traditional furnishing you can enjoy privacy and tranquility. Your tent offers the view over the beautiful African landscape with its wild animals that all come to use the water holes without constraint both during the day and night. Masai warriors care for your safety round the clock and also stand representatively for the balance of man and nature at Severin Safari Camp. Guests at Severin Camp have the choice of tented accommodation or solidly constructed cottages. The octagonal tents, with mosquito screen most of the way round, stand on crazy-paved plinths, and are suspended beneath steep, makuti-roofed shelters. Solid-walled, hotel-style bathrooms, with flush toilets, bidets, double washbasins, and white towels and bathrobes, give these facilities a contemporary feel. There are rainfall showers and bathtubs in the tented suites. Water at the lodge comes from a spring, with a pumping station and purification system. It’s fine to drink, but guests are provided with free bottled water anyway. The bedrooms are furnished simply, but comfortably, with ceiling-to-floor mosquito nets over the beds, and a writing table – though the only seating is canvas directors’ chairs. You can charge batteries in the tents between 5.00am and 11.00pm, when the power is on. Electricity is provided by two large and two small generators and times can be extended if requested for light or charging batteries. Hot water is supplied by solar panels with power stored in batteries. They also use steam from the generators to heat water (‘water-heating boilers’).


    The tents are ranged around an arc about 300m long, facing the waterholes and bush. Your focus might be all on the wildlife, but this does mean the tents are only an average of five to seven meters apart, that is one issue that might persuade some people to opt for one of the bandas or tented suites. Two tented ‘Mawenzi’ suites are in the other direction (south) from the main areas and designed for couples on honeymoon safari who want privacy. The four solid-construction cottages, on the north side of the arc of tents (and thus furthest away from the main areas) are designed to feel like a seamless part of the camp – but are for people who want a little more privacy or who are uncertain about the prospect of ‘camping’ in the East African savannah. Their bathrooms are similar to those in the tents, but they have rainfall showers and, in addition, they have an outdoor shower, effectively a small, walled courtyard, open to the sky, again with a rainfall shower. Furnishings are similar to those in the tents. Otherwise, the main points of difference between the tents and the cottages – apart from the obviously solid walls and doors – are an extra lounge area with a sofa, tea- and coffee-making facilities, and the recliners and sun awnings on the decks. Every tent has a fire extinguisher. Every corner of the dining area has one too, plus other areas. Fire alarms are installed and fire drills take place every three months for all staff.


    Severin Safari Camp Bandas


    Severin Safari Camp eight self catering Bandas are equipped with kitchenette, private bathroom and beds with mosquito nets and offers an authentic feeling of Africa. From the canopied veranda you overlook your own fireplace.


    Severin Safari Camp Tent


    All 21 octagonal tents are equipped with running cold and hot water, shower, separate toilet with bidet, comfortable beds with mosquito nets and private terrace. Each tent offers 220 volt electricity, a SEVERIN hair-dryer and a safe.


    Severin Safari Camp Junior Suites


    The four Junior Suites are built in stone and additionally offer a separate living room, sun deck with loungers and a private courtyard with outdoor shower. The Junior Suites are named Mzima Springs, Roaring Rocks, Chyulu Hills and Shetani Cave and provide spacious bathrooms flooded with sunlight with two wash hand basins. The coffee and tea making facilities, basic beverages of the mini bar as well as butler service is included.


    Severin Safari Camp Suites


    The elevated observation decks of Severin Safari Camp Kibo and Mawenzi Suite offer a wonderful view to Mt. Kilimanjaro and the wide savannah of Tsavo. The spacious suites are additionally equipped with a corner bathtub and are perfectly suitable for families due to the adjoining tent.


    Severin Safari Camp Restaurant & bars


    The centre of Severin Safari Camp is located under a cool Makuti roof and accommodates the reception, Safari Boutique, "Thorn Tree" Bar and the "Out of Africa" Restaurant. Unique à la carte menus with a choice of finest African wines await you. The chef is famous for his meat specialties which are prepared on a hot stone or as fondue. End your day at our campfire while enjoying a glass of wine and watching the animals wandering around in the twilight. Severin Safari Camp "Thorn Tree" Bar offers all types of refreshments. Coffee or tea in the early morning as well as a choice of cocktails in the evening. Your drinks can also be served on your private terrace. The campfire in front of the illuminated waterhole assures safari romance under the African sky. Most of Severin Safari Camp fruit and vegetables – plus eggs and honey – come from their own organic farm on the coast. Meal service timings are fairly informal, allowing for guests’ individual safari to Tsavo activities, but the overall standard is high with a good mixture of plain and simple, and more adventurous dishes (typically three or four choices for each course) and usually some vegetarian offerings. Breakfast is always a big buffet, with cereal, fruit, pastries, cold cuts and cheese and a cooked breakfast available from the buffet, with eggs cooked to order. Pancakes and waffles are also available.


    A typical four-course dinner menu includes starters of: avocado and smoked sailfish timbales, tomato and cucumber salad with sour cream dressing, seafood ragout wrapped in a coriander pancake. There’s a choice of soup, for example carrot and ginger, or a consommé. The main course might feature a beef fillet with mushrooms, vegetables and sautéed potatoes, or fish in an orange curry with rice and vegetables. Dinner always includes hot stone, cook-your-own marinated beef and pork, with dipping sauces and side dishes. Desserts might include banana crumble and custard, pancetta on chunky fruit sauce or a flambéed crème caramel. Lunch is much simpler, and perhaps a reflection of the heartiness of breakfast and dinner, and is a mix of plated and buffet service. A typical menu includes a green salad with a choice of dressings, minestrone soup, a cold meat platter with cold roast beef and chicken, ham, salami and pickles, a pasta dish, burgers or fish goujons, followed by fruit salad or profiteroles. Severin Safari Camp’s combination of excellent, hands-on management, harmonious design and architecture and a terrific natural environment has produced a winning safari camp that seems to tick every box without making you feel part of a tourism machine, and the bush walks to Mzima Springs are a huge bonus. If we had one bone to pick it would be that the tents and cottages could be spaced further apart for added privacy.


    Severin Safari Camp Day Game Drives


    The camp conducts game drives using three, open 4x4 safari vehicles (two Land Cruisers and one Land Rover) with three rows of two seats, and a seventh passenger seat at the front. The safari vehicles with erectable panorama roofs and in the company of Severin Safari Camp knowledgeable track reader you come in close contact with the wilderness. The fascinating countryside with its unique animal world will soon have you enthralled. The morning game drive begins at sunrise, by the springs of the Tsavo River - the lifeline of hippos and crocodiles. You set off on the search for the Big Five. For the encounter with lions, leopards, buffalos or rhinos living in the wild you should always have the camera and binoculars at hand. Very nice pictures can be also taken in the late afternoon, because of the very special light. Although it is in a national park, daytime game drives are not the only activities you can do at Severin.


    The stand-out feature is the very nice yin-yang swimming pool and the well-equipped ‘Kenbali’ spa that combines elements of Kenyan tradition with Balinese Hindu massage and therapy. Unusually, for a national park, the camp runs four-hour bush walks with armed KWS rangers and two-hour night drives with spotlights. Severin has special permission to do the night drives in agreed areas. Likewise, the bush walks set off with a Maasai guide (equipped with snacks, water, first-aid kit, radio and whistle) and an armed KWS ranger. You can walk over the lava flow to Mzima Springs or cross the Tsavo River. For both these special activities, the camp needs a minimum of 24 hours’ notice. Although you have the whole of Tsavo West National Park’s 7,000km² to explore – if you have time – the park’s top attraction, Mzima Springs, is just 8km from Severin. At the springs, where the car park and nature trail are guarded by rangers, you can watch hippos and crocs disporting themselves in the shallow, crystal-clear waters beneath shady fig trees. There’s an underwater viewing tank here, sunk on the lake floor at the end of a short pier. It’s not uncommon to see the funny, tiptoe paddling of a hippo, or the sinuous, gliding shape of a croc and you’ll always see the lesser denizens of the springs – hundreds of large fish. The air strip transfer to Severin Safari Camp takes 15 minutes from Kilaguni Lodge airstrip, or 30–45 minutes from Finch Hattons Camp airstrip, depending on game viewing opportunities along the way.


    Severin Safari Camp Air Safari


    Experience a unique combination of adventure, relaxation, affectionate service and culinary highlights amid the African wilderness. Your Tsavo safaris in the luxury Cessna Caravan takes you to some of Tsavo best safari destination. It offers something different to any other air safari in Kenya as you have the opportunity to see amazing sights as you fly low over the extensive Tsavo Savannah observing the wildlife below as your professional safari guide ensures every detail is pointed out. Tsavo West for the spectacular scenery and rolling volcanic landscape and the beautiful view of Mt Kilimanjaro, we offer you a luxury safari experience that is unmatched. You will travel at the highest level of comfort and safety, Our concept is unlike any other; we perceive travelling from one destination to another, as an equally vital part of your safari experience and offer guided luxury flights with professional bush pilots and silver awarded safari guides. Our flying safaris are operated by pilots who have lived in Africa for a long time and know better than anybody else how to make a safari a very special journey. Our aircraft are the most modern and have the highest safety records. Our first Caravan was built in 2009, the second one in 2011 – making our fleet one of youngest in Kenya and East Africa. They are also the most luxurious Caravans flying in Kenya. Together with our partners we have more than 40 years of experience in tourism. With their cooperation we can customize your safari by selecting only the best camps and adding our charter flights.


    Severin Safari Camp - Activities


    Severin Safari Camp is not fenced and therefore perfectly integrated into nature. From your tent you enjoy a wonderful view to the landscape and the wild animals wandering around the waterhole. Masai warriors assure your safety round the clock and also stand representatively for the balance of man and nature at Severin Safari Camp. Besides lions, buffalos, leopards and countless bird species, the biggest elephant population of Kenya lives in Tsavo. Severin Safari Camp is only takes 10 kilometers to visit Mzima Springs, a lake with crocodiles and hippos. From the Poacher's Lookout nearby, our guests enjoy an awesome view to the endless vastness of Tsavo West National Park. Pure safari romance results from Severin Safari Camp campfire at night next to the waterhole.


    Children will need to be old enough to understand the limits on where they can wander in an unfenced camp. Parents should also be aware that Severin Lodge has a large pool and always keep children under close supervision. There’s no cellphone network in this part of Tsavo West, but there is WiFi throughout camp using satellite and booster. Guests may use the office computer or their own equipment in an emergency. First-aid training has taken place for 15 staff, and is updated every three months. There’s a first-aid kit in camp. Kilaguni clinic is 15 minutes’ drive away. In an emergency, the flying doctors can land at Kilaguni safari lodge airstrip, less than 15 minutes’ drive from camp. Experience a unique combination of adventure, relaxation, affectionate service and culinary highlights amid the African wilderness. Your safari in the luxury Cessna Caravan takes you to some of Kenya’s best national parks and reserves. It offers something different to any other air safari in Kenya as you have the opportunity to see amazing sights as you fly low over the extensive Kenya Savannah observing the wildlife below as your professional safari guide ensures every detail is pointed out.


    Bushwalking safari with an experienced KWS ranger


    Together with Kenya Wildlife Service Severin Safari Camp invites you for a game walk with a KWS ranger. Learn about their work and how to track and follow the footprints of smaller and larger wild animals. Kindly make reservation in advance with African Spice Safaris (Minimum of two guests): This is a real adventure. During the tour, you will be united with nature. Use your senses and eavesdrop the chatter of the animals. You will observe the smaller and larger animals and follow their tracks. The ranger will give you a lot of interesting information about tracking and the diverse flora and fauna. This bush walk is a very unique experience. Please wear suitable clothes (robust shoes, long trousers, natural-colored clothes and head) and take a bottle of water (one liter) with you, sun glasses and sun protection. Duration: approximately 4 hours morning bush walk


    Severin Safari Camp Weddings


    The Severin Safari Camp offers a magnificent setting in the wilderness for an unforgettable experience. There is a special wedding package with the following included services: Organizing of the formalities before and during the wedding, Marriage certificate and license, Wedding ceremony at a beautiful place in the expansive Tsavo National Park including champagne, canapés, bridal bouquet, flower pins, witnesses and the marriage by a registrar, ride in a festively decorated safari vehicle accompanied by Massais during your wedding, Candle light dinner in the “Out of Africa” ​​Restaurant (excluding beverages) with flowers and table decorations, Wedding Cake, In memory of this special day with you, a tree will be planted in Camp Wedding, A personal gift for the newlyweds, Transportation and accommodation of the registrar and Upgrade to the honeymoon suite on availability.


    Severin Safari Camp Environmental Conservation


    The camp follows the principles of ecotourism and protection of natural resources is very important. The camp has a biological water treatment plant in the bush, Fresh water is replaced by the Severin Safari Camp on a separate pipeline directly from the nearby fresh water sources Mzima Springs, which also supply the coast of Kenya’s population with drinking water, Waste water from the tents and the kitchen is collected and resolved in a natural way of lava stones, gravel and sand, With the purified water the lawn in the 25-acre camp facility will be irrigated, Hot shower get the safari guests and the camp staff day and night only by solar energy and heat recovery from the power generators, In all tents are waste containers, which allow for separation of organic and inorganic waste, Organic waste is pre-dried where the animals do not come close to the waste and then burned in lava ovens or composted, all glass bottles and plastic waste are from the National Park out again transported and recycled.


    Severin Safari Camp Meetings & Incentives


    The Baraza Conference tent offers a unique meeting place in the middle of the Kenyan wilderness – an unforgettable experience. The 80-square-foot conference tent with variable seating for up to 30 people and is equipped with modern communication and presentation skills. Throughout the camp there for you free wireless LAN access. The conference facilities include Beamer, Flipchart, Video/CD Player, WIRELESS-LAN and features all-day use of the Baraza Conference tent with Deputy video screen, projector, flipchart, video/CD player, WIRELESS LAN, and your desired seating. The camp is also ideal for motivating team building experiences.


    Bush walks with a Masai guide


    Discover the secrets of the African wilderness on foot with Severin Safari Camp Masai guide and learn about the flora, fauna, insects, reptiles and birds inhabiting the Tsavo West area. Morning Animal tracking on foot, around the tented camp with Masai. Discover the secrets of the African wilderness on foot! You are accompanied by a Masai, who shows you around. During the tour you can find out all that is worth knowing about tracking, the flora and fauna, the multifaceted bird life and the traditional lifestyle of the locals. Learn from the Masai, how to make a fire without matches and which local plants and herbs can be used as medicines. Duration: approximately 1 Hour.


    Severin Safari Camp Night game drive


    Experience the silence of Africa during a Severin Safari Camp night game drive. Equipped with a flashlight you go on night game drive in an open vehicle. You can observe shy and nocturnal animals under the African sky. When the driver shuts down the engine, you will experience the unique silence in the Kenyan wilderness. Eavesdrop the sounds of the animals near and far. A very special experience!


    Sundowner at Poacher’s Lookout


    Enjoy the breathtaking view of the 5.895 meters tall Mt. Kilimanjaro and enjoy a sundowner with a glass of sparkling wine and canapés at the Poacher’s Lookout. The sunset at Poacher's Lookout is an unforgettable experience. From the original stake out point of the poachers, you can enjoy a breathtaking view on the 5.895 meters Kilimanjaro. You enjoy the beautiful sunset while having a glass of sparkling wine and canapés with the music of »Out of Africa« in the background. A small thatched hut sits on the top of the hill which was used in the past by Kenya Wildlife Service Rangers to fight poachers. Distance from Severin Safari Camp to Poacher's Lookout: approximately 7 kilometers. Duration: approximately 15 minutes


    The Khama Rhino Sanctuary Trust


    The Khama Rhino Sanctuary Trust is a community based wildlife project, established in 1992 to assist in saving the vanishing rhino, and to restore the area formerly teeming with wildlife to its previous natural state.


    Bush breakfasts and bush lunches


    Enjoy your breakfast or lunch amidst the dreamlike scenery of the African wilderness. Enjoy your breakfast or lunch amid the dreamlike scenery of the African wilderness. Here, you can enjoy the real »Out of Africa« feeling - a unique experience.


    Back of the house tour


    For the interested, Severin Safari Camp takes you back stage to show you how we take every precaution to protect the fragile Tsavo environment. The guided walk will take you to our solar panel system, waste management system and explain you of biological waste water treatment plant works.


    Tsavo National Park Information


    Tsavo National Park was established on 1st April, 1948. At nearly 22,000km2, Tsavo is the largest national park in Kenya and one of the largest in the world. Due to its size the park was split into two - Tsavo West National Park and Tsavo East National Park - for easier administration in May 1948. The two Parks are divided by Nairobi Mombasa railway /road and its the ideal destination for people who seek solitude and privacy as well as the chance to explore the wilderness With its proximity to Mombasa (less than 100 km away) it is also a great safari option for those staying on the coast or those planning to relax on Kenya's beaches after a dusty safari. Tsavo National Park also combines well with the nearby Amboseli National park


    Tsavo West National Park Kenya Africa


    Tsavo West National Park covers 7065 km2, approximately 30% of Kenya's area under parks, and contains a diversity of habitats, wildlife and a mountainous scenic landscape. The park is a vast expanse of savanna stretching from Mtito Andei, along the Mombasa-Nairobi road and south to the Tanzanian border. The North Eastern boundary along the Highway adjoins Tsavo East National Park, but Tsavo West has a more varied topography and a more diverse array of habitats than its neighbour. The Tsavo West National Park habitats include open plains alternating with Savannah bush and semi desert scrub, acacia woodlands; mountain forest; rocky ridges and lava flows; outcrops; more extensive ranges and isolated hills; belts of riverine vegetation; palm thickets and on the Chyulu hills you find recent lava flows and ash cones including the Shetani lava flow that is an example of a recent volcano. Tall vegetation here makes game spotting here a little trickier than in some of the other parks. The Big Five can be found in the park along with a fine range of antelope species. The main attractions of the park are the two waterholes, built by the lodges to more or less guarantee that their guests will be treated to fabulous game viewing. Places to visit include the Chaimu Crater and the Roaring Rocks viewpoint. These are located just southeast of Kilaguni Safari lodge they can be climbed in roughly 15 minutes and offer sensational views over the plains. Others include Lake Jipe where you can do boat excursion and Bird watching; Annual bird ringing at Ngulia lodge, hill and rock climbing at Chaimu and Ngulia Hills; Poachers look out; Chaimu Crater; Shetani Lava Flow; Mzima Springs;


    Tsavo West National Park Climate


    Temperature ranges from 20 - 30o C and rainfall from 200mm - 700mm. Two ran seasons: Long rains - March/April & Short rains - Nov/December.


    Tsavo West National Park Gates


    Chyulu, Mtito Andei, Tsavo, Jipe, Maktau Gate, Kasigau and Ziwani Gates.


    Tsavo-East National park Kenya Africa


    Tsavo-East National park is located across the highway from Tsavo West. Famous for its large numbers of elephant and spectacular herds of up to 1000 buffalo, Tsavo East has more open savannah than its western sibling. The scrub-covered hills of the southern park have a very remote feel. The best game viewing is along the watercourses and at the Kanderi swamp, which is not far from the main Voi gate. Thirty kilometers from the gate is the Aruba Dam where lions are commonly spotted. There are some interesting geographical features in Tsavo-east, including the Lugard Falls (this is actually a misnomer as the 'falls' are in fact a series of rapids on the Galana River), and the Mzima Springs (the source of Mombasa's fresh water).At Mzima you can walk down to a large pool, a favorite hangout for hippos and crocodiles. There is an underwater viewing chamber where you can observe thousands of primordial looking fish. Tsavo East is a very popular Park and always harbors large number of tourists. Some of the attractive scenic features include: Large herds of elephants and other wildlife; popular legend of Tsavo The Man-eaters of Tsavo; Yatta plateau which is about 290Km long and is one of the worlds longest lava flows. Lugards falls on the Galana River. Mudanda rock the long rock outcrop that is about 1.6Km long and have a dam at the base where animals can be viewed drinking from it. Visitors can walk along the rock and enjoy a cool breeze as well as view wildlife at the base. Aruba Dam - was built in 1952 across the Voi River. The dam attracts many animals and water birds can be seen at this dam. Others include the Tsavo/Athi rivers confluence when the two rivers join to form the Galana River. Elephants, Rhinos, Hirola (Hunters Hartebeest) are also there.


    Places of interest


    Ndololo, Kandri, Main gate campsites. All these campsites have no facilities. Visitors bring their own camping gear.


    Ongoing Tourist Activities


    Game viewing, Walking Safaris along the Galana, Bird watching.


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