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    Tsavo Mashariki Camp, Tsavo East National Park, Kenya Africa

    Tsavo Mashariki Camp is located just outside the Tsavo East National Park, because of its wide variety of biodiversity it supports, Tsavo East National Park is renowned the world over for it's wide variety of diverse wildlife found, including the famous 'big five' consisting of lion, black rhino, cape buffalo, elephant and leopard, Tsavo Mashariki Camp in Tsavo is a fully equipped safari camp with permanent structures and it is facing Tsavo East National Park offering a camping safari adventure of true African wilderness. Mashariki Camp Tsavo is a beautiful tented camp that faces east to experience the beautiful African sunrise, the luxury camp offers a quiet retreat in one of the wildest places on earth, with excellent views of the Tsavo East National Park. Tsavo is Kenya's largest safari destination and is the largest wildlife sanctuaries in the world. Mashariki is Swahili word meaning East, Tsavo Mashariki Safari Camp offers the guest with an excellent view of the Park, the tents guarantee a high level of privacy, A breakfast and cocktail terrace will allow you to watch the game and the view, while you relax and taste our Italian-Swhaili cuisine.


    At night one can watch the open sky with its brilliant stars or listen to the Taita music around the aromatic fire. Ora Resort Mashariki Camp is truly an amazing safari lodge and is placed in a easy location for a outstanding safari in the Tsavo National Park, the tented accommodation and service is second to none plus lovely thatched safari tents with on suit and hot showers where you sleep listen to the sounds of wildlife calling, from elephant to lions, Mongoose and monkeys are also regular visitors at this truly amazing safari lodge, the lovely couple who managed the lodge, Michela and Amerigo are always welcoming with a friendly smile, There are three double tents, two triple tents, two rock cottages that can sleep 4/5 guests. All rooms are comfortably furnished with double or twin beds. Breakfast and cocktails can be enjoyed in the terrace, allowing you to watch the wildlife. The Mashariki safari Camp Tsavo is committed to the environment from the choice of the position of the buildings to the care of the guest’s comfort, always in the respect of the nature without compromising the eco-system. The staff and service at Tsavo Mashariki Camp Kenya is absolutely faultless, with lovely meals around an open camp fire, while Maasi musicians keeping you entertained with there traditional soft music. The food was super, a mix of italian and swahili, with gorgious juicy fruits of Kenya. They also catered for vegetarians, no problem. Tsavo Mashariki Camp Accommodation


    The tents are designed to afford each guest a high level of privacy. There are three double tents, two 2 triple tents, one rock cottage that can sleep 4 guests and another rock cottage for 5 guests. Each room is comfortably furnished with double or twin beds and has a modern toilet-room, hot shower and power around the clock. Breakfast and cocktails can be enjoyed on the terrace, allowing you to watch the game and appreciate the Tsavo East landscape while you relax in style and comfort, over the Italian/Swahili cuisine. At night you could watch the shining stars, listening to Taita music, around the aromatic acacias fire for a luxurious camping safari experience reserve one of our Safaris Tents. Each of our large cabin-style safari tents sleeps up to 2 adults & 2 children and comes complete with a King Size Bed (or 2 twins). Camp cots and bedding can be provided for up to 2 children in each tent


    Tsavo Mashariki camp Meals


    Tsavo Mashariki tented camp selects from the local farmers the freshest seasonal food to give the guests the best quality, Special menù all over the year for our guests, one example, samosas, vegetable creamy soup, salt cheese crépe, kuku choma, smashed potatos, traditional vegetable dish, ice cream and tropical fruits dessert, We welcome the arrival guests with a nice spicy tea with cardamom, cinammon, masala tea with sugar. Selection of sodas and beers for the day time and nice Kenyan, South African and Italian wines, while the dining room has a large seating capacity, most guests prefer to take their meals around the fireplace under the stars in the bush. Tsavo Mashariki tented camp offers Safari in land cruiser minimum 3px max 6 persons, departure from Mombasa airport Included Park tickets, car hire, driver service, and water in the vehicle, 1 night fb at Mashariki camp Excluded drinks Tsavo East National Park - Tsavo Mashariki camp We accept safari online bookings only if the number of people is more then 3 Rates valid all the year except from 22nd December to 4 January.


    Tsavo East National Park


    Divided into 3 parts by the Tiva and Galana rivers, the Tsavo East National Park is Kenya’s largest National Park covering an area of 11,700sq kms. It is a hot, waterless dry region with an annual rainfall of less than 51cm recorded, and has a large diversity of landscapes from the gorges of Lugard falls with its water carved rocks to the natural catchment at Muanda. The Tsavo East National Park has dramatic sights of large mammals including great herds of elephant, antelope, hippos, black rhino, eland, lions and giraffe plus a host of birdlife. It is an ideal place for exclusive camping, game circuts and adventures and is the greatest of all Kenya’s parks. The middle section of the park has many rock and cave paintings.


    Tsavo West National Park


    Tsavo West National Park was established in 1948 and is bordered by Taita Hills to thorests at the water margins. It covers a total area of 9065sq kms and hosts a wide variety of wildlife species from the ‘Big Five’ (Lion, leopard, rhino, buffalo and elephant), numerous other carnivores, gazelles to over 150 bird species. The park also has the Mzima springs, Shaitani Lava Flow which consists of caves, three craters, basalt flows and lava splashes. It is also rich e east and Tanzania to the south east with areas of unending succession of fantastic views across the plains dotted with fin graphite, marble and sulphite deposits.


    Tsavo West National Park Climate


    The weather in Tsavo East is warm and dry. Temperature ranging from 20-40,rainfall from 200mm-700mm per annum (the long rains fall between March and May and the short rains between October and December). The weather in Tsavo West is very hot and temperature can rich 40oC in hot season (January-February). There are two rain seasons : the long rains from March – May and the short rains from October – December. Rainfalls are more important in the South-western part (700 mm/year) than the North-Eastern part of the park (200 mm/year).


    Tsavo West National Park Vegetation


    The park (east/west) has a large variety of habitats including open plains with dispersed savannah bushes and semi desert scrubs, acacia woodlands; rocky ridges and outcrops and isolated hills; belts of riverine vegetation; palm thickets. Note also the presence of montane forest on Chyulu hills (Chyulu N.P.). Most of the northern sections are characterized by acacia bush lands with scattered acacia trees and baobabs. The southern section is mainly composed of open grasslands and plains. Dense riverine vegetation and riverine forest are found along the permanent Tsavo River.


    Tsavo West National Park Animals


    The enormous size of these parks with many remote corners makes them important for their biodiversity. Wildlife congregates around waterholes particularly in the dry season. Game includes buffalo, zebra, giraffe, Oryx, lion and leopard. Tsavo East sees herds of elephants up to a hundred strong and they often appear more brown than grey from the rich red Tsavo dust. Some 500 species of birds have been recorded in the Tsavo area, including ostriches, kestrels, buzzards, starlings, kingfishers, hornbill, secretary birds and herons. The Maasai and Samburu have remained two of the few cohesive and culturally authentic ethnic tribes of Kenya. They are thus recognized world-wide as a symbol of Kenyan culture and are favorites among tourists. Kambas can also be seen in Tsavo. The Kamba tribe (also called the Akamba) is a Bantu ethnic group residing in the semi-arid Eastern Province of Kenya. Their homeland stretches east from Nairobi towards the Tsavo and northeast to Embu. Kambas make up about 11 percent of Kenya’s total population; they have special skills in woodcarving and basketry and are also involved in other activities such as hunting, farming and pastoralism. The Akamba people’s love of music and dance is evident in their impressive performances throughout their daily lives and during special occasions. In these dances, the Akamba display agility and athletic skill as they perform acrobatics and remarkable body movements.


    Tsavo west major attractions


    Mzima Spring:


    Mzima springs are a peaceful oasis at the heart of red-dusty Tsavo. The pure water of the three Mzima’s pools filtered by the porous sponge-like soil of the Chyulu and the Shetani lava flow brings life to an unique ecosystem at only 40 km away from the Chyulu Hills. With a daily supply of more than 250 millions liters of fresh water, the pool provides an oasis of green, a heaven for fishes, birds, monkeys, crocodiles and hippos. The main attractions are the two nature trails leading to an underwater viewing tank build to allow visitors to watch hippos and fishes.


    Roaring Rocks:


    Once climbed, the Roaring Rocks will give you magnificent panoramic views, usually only seen by the eagles and buzzards that fly around these cliffs, over the plain called Rhino valley and the Ngulia Hills. A panoramic map of the scenery to help you to locate surroundings hills and mountains is available at the top.


    Shetani Lava Flow and Cave


    The Shetani flow, a black lava flow of 8 km long, 1.6 km wide and 5 meters deep, is the remain of volcanic eruptions . Climbing the flow is not an easy task as the thick black soil is composed of uneven chunks of solid magma. The cave, located near the center of the outflow, has two large opening and one ancient tree is growing between them. Although the cave is only few meters long, the exit is not accessible.


    Chaimu Crater


    Chaimu crater – or the devil’s crater translated in Kamba is a tall rising hill clad in the brighten black color of the lava stones. This recent volcano can be climb as there is a track leading to the top. Climbing the hill is not easy as it can be very hot and the ground, where no vegetation is yet grown, is not very stable and slippery. At the top, the view is again breathtaking.


    Tsavo east major attractions


    Mudanda Rock:


    Located near Voi and Manyaki gates, the Mudanda rock is one of the great spectacle of the park. This massive rock, which emerges from the plain, is 1.6 km long, 20 m high and 100 m wide. Perfect vantage point, the rock is famous for its photo opportunities as it offers unique endless panoramic views across Tsavo East and Tsavo National Parks and it is a safe place to picture hundreds of elephants and buffalos refreshing themselves up at a natural pond, located at its base, on the eastern side. On the western side, you can climb to the top through a footpath and a carved stone stair.


    Yatta Plateau:


    This impressive lava flow, one of the largest and longest of the world (300 km long and 10 km wide), is lying along the Athi River. The plateau is a paradise for ornithologists and sundowner lovers. It was formed 11-13.6 millions years ago by a stream of lava flow of phonolite finding its way into an ancient river valley from Ol Doinyo Sabuk Mountain.


    Kanderi Swamps:


    Very close from Voi gate, Kanderi swamps are home to a profusion of wildlife as it is one of the two drinking point (with Aruba dam) which provides fresh water throughout the year. Like an oasis attracting many animals, large groups of mammals as well as water birds can be observed in the swampy area.


    Lugard’s fall:


    The Lugard’s falls are in fact rapids where Galana River disappears into a rocky gorge so narrow at one part that it is possible to stand astride the cleft with the falls below. The beauty of the site is the multicolor rocks carved over centuries by the water and taking fantastic shapes. The rapids, becoming ravaging floods during the rain seasons, plunge into a large pool below where giant crocodiles are resting and lying onto sandbanks.


    Aruba Dam:


    85 hectares artificial dam, built in 1952 by the park authorities to provide wildlife with a reserve of water during dry seasons, holds water throughout the year. The Aruba dam is a perfect place to watch water birds, large mammals (elephants, buffalos, lions) and gazelles/antelopes drinking in the dam.




    Entrance to Tsavo East National Park: The Park has four main entrances (Manyani, Voi, Mtito Andei and Sala gates) and two secondary entrances (Buchuma and Ithumba gates) and 19 airstrips. Entrance to Tsavo West National Park: The Park has two main entrance (Mtito Andei and Tsavo gates) and five secondary entrances (Chyulu, Jipe, Maktau, Mbuyuni and Kasigau gates) and 4 major airstrips. Accommodations include Ashnil Aruba Lodge, Galdessa Camp Tsavo East National Park, Satao Luxury Tented Camp, Ora Resort Mashariki Camp, Kilaguni Serena Safari Lodge, Voyager Ziwani, Tsavo West, Kiboko Camp, Sarova Salt Lick Game Lodge and Sarova Taita Hills Game Lodge


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