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    Kuwinda Camp Tsavo National Park Kenya Africa

    Kuwinda camp is a tented camp placed directly in Galana River in Tsavo East National park just 2hrs from Malindi. The Kuwinda camp is a rare jewel that is completely integrated in the context of natural environment. The Kuwinda camp tsavo feels like it is an exclusive safari camp as the owners simply do not want too many people "interrupting" their haven of peace. Kuwinda safari camp tsavo best definition is private and exclusive, mainly hosting Italian bush lovers the Owner, they themselves have over 50 years experience in the East African Bush and know how things have to be done, they are fascinating people and worth grabbing 5 minutes of your time to learn more about the Bush and how best experience to it…his wife Sara, whom the famous Masai Mara Sara Camp on the Masaai Mara is named, has developed a great team of hospitality staff and this is truly the best Italian Food in East Africa and probably Africa, Simple, clean accommodation is on offer and given the low impact this Kuwinda tented camp has on the environment it is safe to say this safari camp leads the way in environmental friendliness, that’s not to run down the other more “luxurious” camps down, but who needs a/c and a bath in the bush? If you want great hospitality, wonderful advice and perfect location and to feel you are helping to save the planet….this is the place. The “Kuwinda tented camp Tsavo Kenya" is a rare jewel that is completely integrated in the context of natural' environment but at the time that ensures that comfort and elegance that will make your stay unique and unforgettable.


    There are ten luxurious tents for two or three beds each finely furnished and equipped with basic sanitary facilities and raised in masonry and in addition a supplementary coverage "makuti" ultile to cool the hot African days and nights. On the mezzanine there is an observatory equipped with a powerful telescope to not miss anything fauna that inhabit this magical place. To accompany all find a swimming pool, authentic and real icing on the cake that few other fields can boast. - Reception open 24 hours on 24 - Daily maid service included in room price - Private bathroom, the tented camp offers an excellent location: Kuwinda camp Kenya it is situated on the Galana River and only at 10 kilometers from the entrance of the Tsavo East National Park. Malindi is located at 80 kilometers from Kuwinda Camp, which represents the ideal choice for Mombasa tours and Malindi safaris that include a stay to a beach resort both in the Malindi and Watamu areas. The camp has an intimate and refined main building on the shore of the river where you will be served breakfast, lunch and dinner. The restaurant, located on the ground floor of the main building, offers an enchanting view over the river Galana, vividly populated by a large fauna. Guests staying at the tented camp will be delighted by an excellent kitchen with table service and a selection of Italian, local and international specialties and wines. The tented camp also includes a nice bar. A swimming pool is at Kuwinda Camp guest’s disposal. On the first floor it is located a panoramic viewpoint from which to see every detail of the surrounding landscape. After dinner guests can chill near the bonfire, a few steps from the river, with the suggestive company of Masai warriors, willing to tell the story of their proud people and scenes of everyday life. At the tented camp is also possible to use mobile phones. Kuwinda Camp specialized in custom and exclusive safaris to Tsavo, will lead you through the savannah, in the wild plains, unspoiled woods and remote areas of the Tsavo National Park with its experience and expertise. At the Kuwinda luxury Camp courses will be charted in search of the wildest and unique animals of the bush. You will enjoy wonderful sensations of a special Eden called Africa. Here, thanks to the staff professionalism, everybody can experience a happy and unforgettable Tsavo holiday.


    Kuwinda camp Accommodation


    Kuwinda Camp comprise of 10 en-suite tents composed of doubles, twins and triple rooms shaded with thatched roofs for warm nights and cool sunny afternoons. The rooms are surrounded by a swimming pool which is also surrounded by sunbathing terrace and campfire sites during the nights. Due to the remote and exposed location of the Kuwinda Camp we recommend the camp for children over the age of seven. Activities are tailored specifically to suit each family and babysitting services are available. In the interest of safety, participation of children in any game activities is at the discretion of their guide. Your tent will have everything that you would expect in a “proper” hotel or lodge including a bathroom with flush toilet, a shower and wash facilities. Sitting on your veranda looking out to the open savanna, it’s easy to connect with the natural environment all around. Tented camps are perfect for experiencing the African bush in comfort, and the camps tend to be small


    Kuwinda camp Meals


    The restaurant is located on the ground floor of the main building, all tables have a unique and wonderful on the river Galana and often happen to see the spectacle of nature in motion with an always active fauna and wonderful. Guests at the "Kuwinda Camp" will be delighted with an excellent kitchen with table service in the Italian style without neglecting, however, the different cultures and local culinary traditions. An excellent wine cellar of Italian and international wines is also available for the most demanding palates. On the first floor you will find a vantage point from which to see, after lunch, every detail maybe finishing sip your wine and after dinner, if you will, a bonfire close to the river will keep you company while the Masai warriors tell the story of the their proud people and scenes of real life.


    Tsavo Safari Information


    Tsavo is famous worldwide for the “man eating and mane less” lions and Kenya for the Massai Mara and so it should be, as there are few other places able to offer such wildlife intensity. Many people who have been to Africa numerous times come to the Kenya for its wildlife. The Tsavo ecosystem is an area of 43,000 km2 and is one of the largest and most important wildlife refuges in Africa. The core of this area is formed by Tsavo East and West National Parks, which together occupy approximately 21,000 km2, and the Mkomazi Game Reserve which occupies about 5,000 km2 in Tanzania. The vast area adjoining the southern arms of Tsavo East and West comprises privately owned plots of land that are mainly utilized for livestock grazing or limited agriculture. The exception to this is Rukinga Sanctuary, an 80,000 acre area of land that is managed by Wildlife Works for the benefit of wildlife. Camp Tsavo is situated in the centre of Rukinga Sanctuary and is where our camp is based. The camp is set out like a traditional African village and surrounded by endless views of the African Bush. This ecosystem is home to a large diversity of flora and fauna, many species of which are classified by IUCN (the World Conservation Union) as vulnerable, threatened or endangered, and boasts a large population of predators, especially lions. Rukinga Sanctuary forms part of a vital wildlife corridor (Tsavo Kasigau Wildlife corridor, TKWD) across the ‘Taru desert’ for a population of almost one thousand elephants and hundreds of buffalo that migrate seasonally between the Parks in search of water, temporarily giving Rukinga one of the largest populations of elephants on private land in Kenya. Many of our Kenya safari itineraries are done by road. A safari to Tsavo by road allows guests to take in Kenya’s beautiful countryside, breathtaking scenery and visit a number of different reserves. The vehicles that we use are microbuses with a pop-up roof; we take a maximum of 6 passengers plus the driver to guarantee a window seat. Premier vehicles are available for a supplement, this carrier a maximum of 4 passengers plus the driver, ideal for groups and families. 4x4 vehicle upgrades are also available. Twin safari destination honeymoons are a great way to maximize your Kenya holiday time and when it comes to combining excitement, safari adventure and beach relaxation, a Tsavo safari and Mombasa beach safaris is a great choice. Generally, the vast majority of couples choose to go on the safaris to Tsavo as part of their honeymoon first, leaving a week or so at the end of their holiday to Kenya to flop on a beach Mombasa vacation. Safaris are exciting and exhilarating, but after a wedding, can also be tiring due to the early starts required for morning game drives. They’re also low-key (most lodges aren’t the place for stilettos and glamorous dining), dusty (game drives leave you a little windswept) and intimate (many lodges offer communal dining) so may not suit everyone. However, going on safari is also one of the most incredible experiences you’ll ever have. There is nothing quite like seeing wild animals in their natural habitat and a good safari in Tsavo will remain with you forever. Then think about what kind of safari experience you want. Are you looking for somewhere that offers you the chance to visit local villages, sleep out under the stars or go hot-air ballooning? Or are you happy just to see animals and chill out? In which case do you want a pool and a spa or do you mind not having one. Tsavo National Park is dependent on the Tsavo River for its water supply and falls within the Athi River catchment, one of the six major basins in Kenya. The catchment area is of significant economic importance and encompasses urban and industrial centres such as the capital city Nairobi and provides water to the main harbour city Mombasa.


    Tsavo West National Park


    Bordering the South Serengeti Plains in Tanzania lays the Tsavo West National Park in Kenya. Covering a large area consisting of diverse terrains, the park stretches 9,065 square kilometers at a distance of about 240 kms from Nairobi. It provides diverse habitats for its animals as altitude ranges from 500 ft to 6,000 ft above sea level. Thus there are rivers, forests, lakes, wooded grasslands and mountains, each harboring a distinct set of animals. The park became famous through the notorious “Man Eaters of Tsavo” incident at the turn of the century, when man-eating lions were preying on the workers building the great Uganda Railway. In fact, the carriage from which they pulled a traveler is now on display in the Nairobi Railway Museum. This incident was also depicted in the popular movie “Ghost and the Darkness.” The park is popular among visitors due to easy accessibility – it is located off the main Nairobi-Mombasa road and was opened in April 1948. Visitors can enjoy long walks along the nature trails and explore the Chaimu volcanic crater. They can also explore the Shetani Lava Flow and a variety of caves in the park. There is quite a variety of wildlife and bird life in the park. Over 600 species of birds have been recorded. Moreover, game viewing is fairly easy. Animals include the leopard, cheetah, buffalo, rhino, elephant, giraffe, zebra, lion, crocodile, mongoose, hyrax, dik dik and porcupine. The Mzima Springs is a major attraction for visitors. There is a pool of natural spring water with underwater viewing hides from which one can observe the hippos. The Ngulia Rhino Sanctuary is another safe haven for rhinos. Finally, the park offers excellent views of Mount Kilimanjaro. There are three lodges within the boundaries of Tsavo West National Reserve. Lake Jipe Lodge has 74 beds, Ngulia Safari Lodge has 100 beds and Kilaguni Lodge has 106 beds. Located just outside of the Reserve are Finch Hattons with 70 beds, the Ziwani Tented Camp with 32 beds, and the Tsavo Inn with 92 beds. Kitani Safari Camp, which is a special camp, is best suited to experienced campers who must be completely self sufficient. This area can be full of game. As for Jipe Public Campsite located on the lower eastern shore of Lake Jipe, excellent views of the Pare mountains and Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania can be obtained at the lakeside site. Other camping sites are Kasigau Gate, Tsavo Gate and Kangechwa. To access Tsavo West National Park, there are two main gates to Tsavo are Mtito Gate and Tsavo Gate about 230 and 280kms south east of nairobi on the main A109 Nairobi - Mombasa road. Chyulu Gate in the north west corner of the park is used by vehicles coming into Tsavo West from Amboseli National Park. 4WD and high clearance vehicles are required for this route and


    Tsavo East National Park


    Tsavo East National Park is famous for the large numbers of elephants and buffalo herds. It has some of the strongest biodiversity holds in the world. Majority of the Park area is filled with savanna and semi arid grasslands. You can see a great number of diverse wildlife in the park, which includes black rhino, Masai lion, bush elephant, Cape buffalo and leopard. The park is the habitat of a range of bird species, including lovebirds, crowned crane, black kite and sacred ibis. The view of elephants rolling, wallowing and spraying water on each other amidst the azure waters of the palm sheltered Galana river is one of the most stunning scenes that can be enjoyed in the Tsavo East Park. One of main gates of the Park- Voi offers convenient access to Aruba Dam, which is frequented by a wide range of animals. It is an excellent destination for game viewing also. The Mundana Rock that towers a natural dam attracts a large number of elephants. You can see the longest flow of lava in the world in the Park. The lava extends to around 300 kilometers. It is a paradise for bird lovers, as it draws a range of migrating birds. The southern part of the park has scrub covered hills, which offer a very remote feel. The park offers some of the best game viewing opportunities. The watercourses and Kanderi swamp provides ample opportunities to enjoy viewing vegetation and wildlife. The Park offers numerous accommodation options, which include lodges, tented camps, safari camps, safari lodge and public campsites.


    Camping, bird watching and trekking are the most popular activities that can be enjoyed here. Be sure to take picnic items, drinking water, binoculars, hat, sunglasses and camera with you, while visiting the Park. Lodging within Tsavo East National Reserve includes the Voi Lodge with 100 beds and the Tsavo Safari Camp with 68 beds. Lodges and accommodation outside the Reserve include: the Crocodile Tented Camp, near the Sala Gate, with 26 beds; Ziwani Tented Camp with 32 beds; and the Tsavo Inn with 92 beds. There are many campsite options in this reserve. Voi Gate Tsavo East and West National Parks. Public Campsites which are about 0.5 kms inside the park gate are superb, but unfortunately some are somewhat rundown. Mukwaju Special Campsite is ideal for adventurers. It is 15 kms to the east of Aruba and has no facilities. Due to its isolated nature, it is best for reclusive campers. Other camping sites are Kimunyu campsite, Ndolo Campsite and Sala Gate camping site. Some other sites like Masalini and Crocodile Tented Campsites are not open to the public. The main entrance gate into Tsavo East National Park is Voi Gate, about 320 kms south-east of Nairobi, about 5 kms north of Voi town on the A109 Nairobi - Mombasa road. Other gateeds on the main Nairobi - Mombasa road are at Manyani gate, 25kms north of Voi, and at Buchuma gate, 45 kms to the south-east. It is also possible to enter the park on the road from malindi via Sala Gate on the eastern boundary of the park. This route and that alongside river Galana between Manyani gate and Sala Gate, may be impassable during the rains. Its is better to use the less direct route via Aruba dam. Buses ran between Nairobi and Mombasa via Voi. Hitching along this road is fine though people travelling without cars may find access a little difficult at any one of the gates


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