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    Tsavo Crocodile Safari Camp Tsavo National Park Kenya & Travel Packages

    Tsavo crocodile camp is a luxury safari camp located right at the gates of the Tsavo East National Park in Kenya, on the shores of the Galana River; with a many crocodiles writhed 20 feet below your safari tent, jockeyed for position on the sandy bank of the Galana River. The Crocodile Safari Camp is the ideal place to start your Tsavo safari. Explore the National Park, discover the BIG 5 and jump right into the adventure of your lifetime! African Safari Club operates a range of safari lodges in Kenya coast and Tsavo Crocodile tented camp is one of them, primarily servicing the mid-range packaged safari holiday market. Tsavo crocodile camp is a large lodge, with its landscaped gardens and imposing public areas, offers tented guest accommodation to club members, whilst also accepting independent guests.


    Tsavo crocodile camp Tsavo is set overlooking the Galana River, Crocodile Camp itself offers both robust tents and bungalows right next to the Galana river, allowing you to safely watch elephants, hippos, crocodiles and many other animals populating the waterside the Rooms are bungalow like small huts, all nicely looked after and grooped around green areas. And after a long day full of adventures, we will treat you with various national dishes while you enjoy the colorful Kenyan sunset over the Tsavo crocodile camp Kenya; you are eating in a bigger Hut with open sides. Afterwards you can go sitting around the camp fire, listening to the noises in the wild. Every evening at 9 o’clock they feed the crocodiles, before they start throwing the flesh down, they make quite a procedure calling the crocodiles, but even so you won?t see them every evening, especially if the caught something themselves they won?t show up for the small meat parts they get here. Anyway, what the big sauriers don’t eat, the smaller will. There are also some Nile-Warans around that will eat the leftovers. The Crocodile Safari Camp Tsavo is well tended for and has a wonderful view of the River. If you have some time, stay a little at the border to the River here, have a look at the weaving birds making their hanging nests and at the crocodiles that lie sleepily in the sun on small islands in the River. In the night you should not leave your room without a guide, although the crocodiles can normally not come up the wall and into the Crocodile tented Camp and the staff is guarding it, there are sometimes Hippos and Elephants visiting. The food is quite good, the rooms are clean, electricity exists (after 5 in the evening until morning light) the rooms are secured with mosquito nets at the windows.


    Tsavo National Park Information


    The ancient explorers and rail builders in Kenya were the first people to discover the diverse theatrical episodes of what is now Africa’s largest wilderness conservation area – the Tsavo National Park. The recent branding of the two unique national parks has not only described the natural truth of these jewels, but has already given them their ideal identity and distinction from each other. Tsavo East is branded “theatre of the world” while Tsavo west is known as “the ancient land of lion and lava”. The twin National Parks of Tsavo East and West together form one of Africa’s largest wilderness reserves. This single National Park is larger than the island of Jamaica. Tsavo as a whole consists of 10 million acres of pure wilderness, incorporating savannah, ranges and hills, acacia and montane forest, and an extensive river system. The vast plains of Tsavo National Park are crossed by the main Nairobi-Mombasa railroad. This historic railway was, in 1899, the scene of one of Africa’s greatest Adventure stories. Two large lions actively preyed on the railway workers as they built a bridge over the Tsavo River, claiming over 120 victims. They evaded hunters for well over a year, and the legend of the Man-eaters of Tsavo was born. The sheer scale of Tsavo National Park gives you a chance to really get away from it all, and to explore the wild in total solitude.


    On safari here you will see large herds of Elephant, their hides often a luminous red with dust, as well as Lion, Buffalo, Eland, Giraffe Impala, Kudu and possibly Rhinoceros. The relative proximity of Tsavo East to the coast makes it an ideal safari destination for those staying on the coast, or wishing to combine a safari and beach holiday. Many coast based visitors combine a safari to Tsavo with visits to the Shimba Hills and Taita game sanctuaries, Amboseli National Park, or the Chyulu Hills. The Joint mass of Tsavo West and Tsavo East National covers a massive 4% of Kenya’s total land area. Tsavo East the larger of the two, lies to the east of the Nairobi –Mombasa road, equidistant between Nairobi and Mombasa, and offers a vast and untapped arena of arid bush which is washed by azure and emerald meandering of Galana River. Guarded by the limitless lava reaches of Yatta plateau and patrolled by some of the largest elephant herds in Kenya. Tsavo east is characterized by the famous ‘Elephant in Eden’ experience – the sight of dust-red elephant wallowing, rolling and spraying each other with the midnight blue waters of palm-shaded Galana River is one of the most evocative images of Africa. The beautiful Aruba dam located on the north bank of the seasonal Voi River is visited by thousands of animals and a great game viewing destination. There is also Mudanda Rock – this whale –backed Rock towers above a natural dam and acts as a draw to thousands of Elephants.


    The longest lava flow in the world- at 300 kilometers in length, the heat shimmering edge of Yatta plateau is the longest lava flow in the world and an ornithological paradise that attract migrating birds from all over the world. Lugards Falls - Named after Captain Lugard, the first proconsul to East Africa, the falls feature bizarrely eroded rocks through which the waters of the Galana River plunge into foaming rapids and crocodile –infested pools. The slightly larger Tsavo East is generally flat, with dry plains across which the Galana River flows. Other features include the Yatta Plateau and Lugards Falls.


    Tsavo West National Park is more mountainous and wetter than its counterpart, with swamps, Lake Jipe and the Mzima Springs. It is known for birdlife and for its large mammals. It is also home to a black rhino sanctuary. Of all the point of attraction in this majestic reserve, Mzima springs are not to be missed. These natural springs produce 50 million gallons of fresh sparkling water daily. These waters are alive with shoals of barbell, Hippopotamus and waterfowls. A unique underwater observatory has been built that gives you an incredible view of this crystal clear underwater world, where massive hippos glide silently through swirling shoals of barbell. The springs have created a sprawling wetland paradise of giant Raphia palms and oases alive with water birds.


    Both Tsavo East and West are ideal for those who enjoy solitude and a chance to explore wilderness without encountering other people. Lodges and Camps tend to be remote and accessible by long drives or air transfer. Of the two Parks, Tsavo East is the more remote and less visited. Many of these can organize game walks and other activities. So how does travel to Tsavo National Park work? What is a Tsavo safari travel and how do you avoid being eaten by crocodiles or squashed by an enraged elephant? Think of the country, in one sense, like any other: you can travel without restriction all over Kenya, with the exception of parts of the northeast where travel is limited by Somalia’s insecurity and local banditry. Organized safaris travel or car hire will do the trick (and you can choose to have a driver/guide rather than doing the driving yourself, but either way you should hire a 4x4. If you’re driving a private vehicle, the Tsavo National Park parks are open to you; though you’ll need to book Tsavo lodge or Tsavo tented camp accommodation in advance through this site (a tented camp is a permanent encampment of large tents, usually with floors, furniture, plumbed-in bathrooms and a separate roof for when the heavens open. Don’t forget park fees, which are payable per 24 hours, and usually range from $40 to $75 per day. Rather than travelling to Tsavo independently, many visitors go on an organized safari to Tsavo – which just means journey in Swahili, so a safari is simply a tour. Most Tsavo safaris companies concentrate offering travel to Tsavo and will include “game drives” for several hours twice a day – after dawn and before dusk – when you leave your lodge or tented camp in Tsavo and set off in search of wildlife. Note: you can’t leave your travel vehicle – except of course in the Tsavo camps, where spear-carrying watchmen look out for inquisitive wildlife – but some parks allow game walks, which gives you the chance to really absorb the natural environment in the company of trained rangers or local Maasai guides. Tsavo National Parks busiest tourist seasons are July and August and Christmas and New Year, when many lodges and camps are sold out and prices are highest. The best deals in Tsavo are to be had from April to June, during the so-called “long rains” (often a bit of a misnomer), when it sometimes feels as if you have half the country to yourself. And the question of wildlife danger? The facts are: the wildlife is wild; most Tsavo parks, and many Tsavo lodges and Tsavo camps, are unfenced; and wild animals and people don’t mix well, as a glance at virtually any daily paper will show, with marauding elephants, unseen crocodiles, surfacing hippos and goat-nabbing lions all regularly featured. You need to take care, as accidents do happen, but that’s what Tsavo National Park is all about. Travel Guides and other staff will invariably protect you with great skill and devotion, but you can’t make a Tsavo travel safari one hundred percent safe. And that’s why travelling here retains its emotional allure: the word exciting might apply to a theme park ride, but it doesn’t come close to describing the experience of travel in Tsavo National Park.


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